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Digital Issue #4 is Ready

The electronic version of Issue #4, winter and spring 2014, is ready for you to download for free. It is available on “Free Issues” page alongside with all the previous 3 volumes that we have published. You can of course download and read this issue, and share it with others if you like to; but to reprint or use parts of any article published in this volume somewhere else, you need to ask the author of each article for permission.

We hope that you will enjoy reading it. Please share with us your comments and views.

Click on the picture below to be directed to the download page:

Download Issue #4

Spring 2013 Issue Digital Version

We have a plan to publish the digital version of each of our printed issues online 6 months after their original printing. Now 6 months have passed since publishing of our spring 2013 issue. You can download, read, and share this online version of our magazine for free. But please mind that you cannot print or use any part of this magazine in any form without contacting us and receiving permission from us beforehand.

We have allocated a distinct page to these online free issues. You can find the link to this page on top of our weblog main page (just above the weblog banner), or you can click on the link below to be moved there:

Free Issues