Contact Us

There are many ways that you can contact and keep in touch with us:

  • For more information about Derafsh-e Mehr, how to submit your works for publishing, regulations and deadlines, downloading our free issues, and etc., please visit our weblog at:
  • To have a closer contact with us, and receiving our regular updates and news, visit our Facebook page at:
  • We also have a Facebook group where our readers and participants publish their new works, or give comments about the articles published in the journal, or share with each other the topics they find interesting. We invite you to join this group at:
  • You can send us email using this email address:
  • To call us or send us SMS, use this cellphone no.: 0936-6489653

2 responses to “Contact Us

  • Prof. SMK

    Wonderful! Nice work Mr. Ghasemi. I look forward to the summer edition. All creative writers in Iran have been given a great opportunity with this magazine. I hope they take advantage of such a historic moment and submit works to this exceptionally well organized high quality literary magazine.

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