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New Pictures Added

We have posted pictures of some pages of our new issue on Facebook. If you want to see how Derafsh-e Mehr new issue looks like before getting the printed copy, you can take a look at it on our Facebook page. Here is the link to the relevant section on our page: Issue #2 September 2013 Picture Album

Derafsh-e Mehr New Logo

Derafsh-e Mehr New Logo


Summer Issue Published

Derafsh-e Mehr Summer 2013 Issue Published

We are happy to present the second issue of Derafsh-e Mehr, a literary journal in English founded and managed by the students of English literature at the University of Mazandaran. This issue is the result of our efforts during this summer. It is now printed and will be available for purchase beginning from the next week.
More information about the contents and how to purchase it will be submitted soon.

The Deadline Has Passed

The deadline to submit the works to be published in the summer issue of Derafsh-e Mehr has passed. Please do not send anymore works.

We have received a lot of beautiful and impressing works from students. Some of our university professors (former and present) have participated in this issue too. We thank everybody who sent us their works.

We will review all of the works. Professor Martin will kindly take the trouble of editing the students’ works. Right after that we will begin the

process of designing and printing the journal. The second issue of Derafsh-e Mehr will be ready by the end of summer.

Please visit this page every once in a while to stay updated. We will publish interesting items on our Facebook page, group, and our WordPress weblog.

Wish you a happy summer! :D

Thank You!

Announcement for Summer 2013 Issue

Derafsh-e Mehr Summer 2013 Issue

After the success of the first issue of Derafsh-e Mehr in spring of 2013, we are going to publish the second issue in this summer. Everyone who enjoys writing in English is invited to participate!

You can send your works to our email address ( from Tir 1st to Mordad 1st (June 22nd – July 22nd). No works sent after the dead-line will be published in the summer issue, and the works that are received sooner will be given priority. So, please do not wait until the last days to send your works. Although exceptions may be made for those who are working on projects that need more time, on the condition that they consult us beforehand.

To know about the regulations of Derafsh-e Mehr, the range, and the qualities of the works that can be submitted, and all other things you must know before sending your works, it is VERY EXTREMLY IMPORTANT to first read the “Regulations” page at: or on our Facebook page/group.

If you have any questions regarding this announcement, or regulations and how to send your works, or anything else in general, please feel free to comment under the related posts. You can also contact us via other different ways presented on “Contact Us” page at:

Derafsh-e Mehr issue #2 is going to be printed by the end of this summer, and it is going to be available to purchase from then on.


P.S: We have very interesting plans for this new issue; more news will be published later on. Keep coming back!