About Us

Brief Introduction:

Derafsh-e Mehr is a literary journal in English, by the students of English literature at the University of Mazandaran – Iran.


• Derafsh-e Mehr is a literary quarterly journal in English language, published both in print and online. (The first issue was published in April 2013.)

• This is an independent journal founded and managed by English literature students at UMZ (University of Mazandaran), and it does not have any connection of any sort with the organizations and societies at the university or otherwise.

• We are not supported financially by any particular person or institution; including the university. Derafsh-e Mehr is solely funded by its sponsors and the students themselves.

• This is a non-profit journal, and we spend all the earned income of selling each printed issue to publish the next one. The online version of our magazine is offered for free.

• The main subject of Derafsh-e Mehr is literature. We publish different genres of written works including poems, stories, plays, screenplays, essays, and etc. Besides literature, we publish a variety of articles which have relevance to our aims and objectives; for example, we are very much willing to publish articles regarding philosophy, psychology, sociology, history and other arts and humanities disciplines.

• We are willing to receive works from everyone who wishes to participate with us, this also includes artists who are active in the fields of photography, painting, and graphic design, and etc.

• For more information about Derafsh-e Mehr, how to submit your works to be published, regulations and terms of use, deadlines, downloading our free issues, and etc., please visit our weblog, at: derafshemehr.wordpress.com

• We have a Facebook group where our readers and participants publish their new works, or give comments about the articles published in the journal, or share with each other the articles that they find interesting. We invite you to join this group, at: facebook.com/groups/Derafsh.e.Mehr

• Regular updates and bulletins will be put on our Facebook page, at: facebook.com/Derafsh.e.Mehr

• To contact us use this email address: Derafsh.e.Mehr@gmail.com

Or this cellphone number: 0936-6489653

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