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Now I’m writing in my totally autonomous website. Come visit Sina Ghasemi’s Sinarium! YouTube Art 4

Hi old friends!

A couple of years ago when I was back in university, I published a literary journal named Derafsh-e Mehr. The blog that you are looking at, belonged to that journal.

I have very good memories of back then. I can say the time that I spent managing and publishing Derafsh-e Mehr was my best time ever. It was my happiest time, and I felt as if I was progressing each day. But after graduation, everything deteriorated.

First, I had to attend the conscription, which took away 2 years of my life. After that nothing was the same as before. Despite achieving an admission from an American university, I couldn’t go there because firstly, I didn’t have the money, and secondly: TRUMP!

Then, I realized I was too old already to rely on my parents for my expenses. I looked for a job. My first job was teaching English. I can’t describe how I hated teaching. I quitted after a year and a half. But after that, I actually couldn’t find a second job. I’m still looking for a job. The prices are tremendously high, and they’re getting even higher. Life is becoming impossible.

That’s my crappy life in Iran. But forget about it, I’m writing this post for another reason. Since last year I have registered my own website: I publish my writings there. I write about anything that you can imagine, but mostly I write about literature and cinema. The language is mostly Persian, but I also write in English. There is something there for everyone!

I’m not going to update this blog anymore because Derafsh-e Mehr era is over. But I’m going to update SINARIUM. I hope to see you there. And tell your friends about Sinarium.

See you around!


About Sina Ghasemi

I am a senior student of English literature at the University of Mazandaran - Iran. I am interested in literature, arts, films, etc. I like writing; I use it as a means to express myself, to relieve myself, and as a result to make living on Earth bearable for myself. I am the managing editor of Derafsh-e Mehr, one of the finest literary magazines ever. Etc. View all posts by Sina Ghasemi

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