Haiku for Winter 2014

In each of our past issues we have published at least 4 haiku, which were always accompanied with relevant pictures (this combination of pictures and short poems can also be called haiga). For winter 2014 issue, we wish to publish more, on the condition that we receive enough good haiku. The top 4 will be published as haigas, while the rest depending on their numbers will appear on one or more decorated pages similar to the one you see below.

(continue reading for how to submit yours)

● Submit your HAIKU from now until Feb. 9th to  be published in Derafsh-e Mehr winter issue. ● Pick 3 of your best haiku and send them to our  email address: Derafsh.e.Mehr@gmail.com. ● Please do read our “regulations” on our weblog at derafshemehr.wordpress.com before sending  your works. ● There is no limitation on the subject or form.

If you write haiku and wish to have them published in Derafsh-e Mehr upcoming issue, please pick 3 of them and send them to our email address (Derafsh.e.Mehr@gmail.com), with a short description about yourself (reading Regulations page is suggested) by February 9th (Bahman 20th). We will read your works and choose the best of them to be published in our winter 2014 issue.

The haiku do not necessarily have to follow the traditional rules of Japanese haiku, including the 17 syllabic (morae) rhythm, or having a kigo, and etc.

It is better to type your haiku in a single word document and attach it to your email when you send it. And please do not send us PDF files, because we won’t be able to use them.

The same as all other works we receive for publishing, we have the privilege to edit your works before publishing them.

We hope to see you around! :)



About Sina Ghasemi

I am a senior student of English literature at the University of Mazandaran - Iran. I am interested in literature, arts, films, etc. I like writing; I use it as a means to express myself, to relieve myself, and as a result to make living on Earth bearable for myself. I am the managing editor of Derafsh-e Mehr, one of the finest literary magazines ever. Etc. View all posts by Sina Ghasemi

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