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Haiku for Winter 2014

In each of our past issues we have published at least 4 haiku, which were always accompanied with relevant pictures (this combination of pictures and short poems can also be called haiga). For winter 2014 issue, we wish to publish more, on the condition that we receive enough good haiku. The top 4 will be published as haigas, while the rest depending on their numbers will appear on one or more decorated pages similar to the one you see below.

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● Submit your HAIKU from now until Feb. 9th to  be published in Derafsh-e Mehr winter issue. ● Pick 3 of your best haiku and send them to our  email address: ● Please do read our “regulations” on our weblog at before sending  your works. ● There is no limitation on the subject or form.

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Announcement for Winter 2014

We are going to publish our winter 2014 issue by late February. So, if you wish to send your new works to be published, please do it by February 9th (Bahman 20th). Everything you need to know about what kind of articles you can send, and how to send them is available on “Regulations & Terms of Use” page.


We are compiling our 4th issue for winter 2014, which is going be published by late February. 		If you wish to have your works published in the upcoming issue, please submit your works by February 9th (Bahman 20th). 		You can find all the necessary information about what to submit, and how to submit it on our weblog: Don’t forget to read our “Regulations & Terms of Use” before submiting your works. 		If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Happy 2014

Happy 2014

Happy New Year everybody! We hope that you are going to be more successful and happier than ever in 2014. Altogether, the year 2013 was a very good year for us, since we published 3 issues of our magazine and we learnt a lot along the way. We hope it was the same for you.

The following days are going to busy days for most of you, because you are either in Christmas holidays, or if you are a student in Iran you are unlucky enough to have to study for the final exams of fall semester. We hope that whatever you are doing you will be successful with it.

Although we know most of you are possibly not in the mood for it, but let’s save the chance to announce that by the renewal of the year, we decided to renew our regulations and terms of use. We have added and removed a few parts of our regulations. We tried to make them as brief as possible; they are a little longer than 1000 words in sum. Take your time to make the best of your holidays (or your exams in the case of students in Iran) then read the new regulations list here to submit your new literary and art works for the winter issue.