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Issue #3 Published

Our issue #3, fall 2013, which is Ahmad Shamlou’s exclusive edition, is now published. It is available for purchase from this Sunday, both at the university and at Afra Language Bookstore.

Issue #3 Front Cover

Front Cover

We have another news to tell you: We have decided to publish our magazine online concurrently as we offer the printed version. And they are offered for Free! _Because we never wanted to gain financial profit out of this project. And as we have said before the money you pay when buying the printed copies is spent of printing the next issue. This means that not only you can download the electronic version of the summer 2013 issue right now, but also our fall 2013 issue which is just published in paper will be placed online in a matter of a few hours after a few minor modifications. The reason for this decision and the download links are offered here.