Announcement for Autumn 2013

Announcement for autumn 2013

We are going to resume the publishing of Derafsh-e Mehr in this fall. This would be our third issue to publish. The same as before, everyone can send his/her works to us to be published. We will start receiving your works beginning from Aban 1st to Aban 15th (October 23rd – November 6th). We have given all the necessary information about the content of your works and how to send them in Regulation page on our weblog; please read that page carefully even if you have read it once before because we have changed, removed, and expanded some parts of it. The most important change in our rules is that now you can send up to 3 works instead of 2, but we will choose which ones to publish; we may choose 1, 2, or all of your 3 works, which means you can be sure that at least 1 of your works will be published in the next issue. If any part the regulations was unclear to you, feel free to contact us.

Because of the 88th anniversary of Ahmad Shamlou _the great Iranian poet, writer, journalist_ on December 12th,we have decided to dedicate a significant part of the fall issue to this great man of letters. Therefore, if you have any works which have some relevance to Ahmad Shamlou, we would be pleased to publish them in this issue.

By the way, we are planning to form an editorial team; so, if you are interested in writing and journalism, and you wish to join Derafsh-e Mehr management team, do not hesitate to contact us. Journalism is a lot of fun, but a difficult job too, so please consider all the aspects of it when you are making your decision.


About Sinarium

I am a senior student of English literature at the University of Mazandaran - Iran. I am interested in literature, arts, films, etc. I like writing; I use it as a means to express myself, to relieve myself, and as a result to make living on Earth bearable for myself. I am the managing editor of Derafsh-e Mehr, one of the finest literary magazines ever. Etc. View all posts by Sinarium

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