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The Deadline Has Passed

The deadline to submit the works to be published in the summer issue of Derafsh-e Mehr has passed. Please do not send anymore works.

We have received a lot of beautiful and impressing works from students. Some of our university professors (former and present) have participated in this issue too. We thank everybody who sent us their works.

We will review all of the works. Professor Martin will kindly take the trouble of editing the students’ works. Right after that we will begin the

process of designing and printing the journal. The second issue of Derafsh-e Mehr will be ready by the end of summer.

Please visit this page every once in a while to stay updated. We will publish interesting items on our Facebook page, group, and our WordPress weblog.

Wish you a happy summer! :D

Thank You!


Writing Contest

Who is interested in participating in a writing contest?

I suppose most of you people in Iran know about Ghatreh Publications, because it is among the best and most successful publishers in Iran. Well, Ghatreh is making a short story and play writing contest. Every “Persian speaking youth” [as they said] can participate. They are going to collect the top 1000 short stories and top 100 plays and print them in a book. I think having your work published by Ghatreh is a great debut for a young writer. And you can actually hit two targets with one bullet, you can write your story in Persian, send it to Ghatreh Publications, then translate it to English and send it to be printed in our magazine (or vice versa). So, if you are interested to participate, note that your works must have these features:

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