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Announcement for Summer 2013 Issue

Derafsh-e Mehr Summer 2013 Issue

After the success of the first issue of Derafsh-e Mehr in spring of 2013, we are going to publish the second issue in this summer. Everyone who enjoys writing in English is invited to participate!

You can send your works to our email address ( from Tir 1st to Mordad 1st (June 22nd – July 22nd). No works sent after the dead-line will be published in the summer issue, and the works that are received sooner will be given priority. So, please do not wait until the last days to send your works. Although exceptions may be made for those who are working on projects that need more time, on the condition that they consult us beforehand.

To know about the regulations of Derafsh-e Mehr, the range, and the qualities of the works that can be submitted, and all other things you must know before sending your works, it is VERY EXTREMLY IMPORTANT to first read the “Regulations” page at: or on our Facebook page/group.

If you have any questions regarding this announcement, or regulations and how to send your works, or anything else in general, please feel free to comment under the related posts. You can also contact us via other different ways presented on “Contact Us” page at:

Derafsh-e Mehr issue #2 is going to be printed by the end of this summer, and it is going to be available to purchase from then on.


P.S: We have very interesting plans for this new issue; more news will be published later on. Keep coming back!

Introduction – As the First Post

First of all, let us congratulate the Iranian people who voted for the reformations. Today that I am writing this log is a very happy day for us the people of Iran. I hope that by the new government coming into power, there is going to be more freedom for the writers and the journalists who are the beating heart of the culture of every country.

Let us begin by introducing to you Derafsh-e Mehr, an English literary journal published by the students of the University of Mazandaran at Iran, despite knowing that this might be rather late to post an introduction, because we have already printed the first issue of Derafsh-e Mehr in April 2013. But unfortunately we could not do it much sooner, since we had a very tight schedule to gather, edit, and print all material for the first issue, and later like all other students we had to study for the final exams. We forced ourselves to print one issue in the spring of 2013 before the semester ends. It was very important for us to present a sample of our works before the long summer vacations. But many students of our university already know some about this journal, because we have given a brief introduction in our first issue, and we have also created a page and a discussion group on Facebook website, which is visited by some of the students. But because the majority of the students in Iran do not have access to Facebook, we found it necessary to make a weblog to facilitate the reach to our announcements and news regarding the journal. So, without any further ado, Let us see what Derafsh-e Mehr is all about: Continue reading